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Sadhya Category Image

Daily Delight brings you its exquisite ‘Sadhya’, the traditional Kerala Feast. Our Sadhya pack is usually good for 5 people.

Now, the huge effort of preparing a Feast to top off a festive occasion are replaced by a quick visit to your friendly neighbourhood Grocery Store!


Frozen Breads Category Image

South Indian Porottas, North Indian Parathas, Chappathi, Naan, Rumali Roti – we have it all for you!

Daily Delight offers you more than 30 delicious, popular, authentic Frozen Breads to choose from. These cater to different tastes, cuisines and lifestyles, from all across the subcontinent!


Frozen Rice Flour Category Image

Daily Delight brings you nearly 20 varieties of Dosa, Idli, Vada, Idiappam, Palappam, Pathiri, Puttu, Vattayappam and Vellayappam, to quench your palate! Each one an authentic favourite!


Snacks Category Image

Daily Delight offers you over 30 delicious, popular Snacks in its range, including Samosas, Burghers, Momos, Bonda, Puffs, Cutlets, etc. Now, counter those pesky hunger pangs with our tasty Snacks!


Desserts Category Image

Daily Delight Desserts include a wide variety of Halwa, Payasams, Laddu, Jalebi and other perennial favourites from the subcontinent. We are constantly innovating to bring you delicious new Desserts as well!


Daily Delight Cake Category

Daily Delight brings you about 10 mouth-watering varieties of Cakes, including varieties of Plum Cakes. You are sure to find your favourite Cake, or find an entirely new favourite Cake here!


Daily Delight Biriyanis Category

Daily Delight brings you Six delicious, popular Biryanis from the subcontinent. All in their authentic fragrance and taste, all crafted to quench your palate! Come, fall in love with Biryanis all over again!


Curry Category Image

Daily Delight brings you a delicious range of over 30 popular, authentic Curries from the subcontinent! Each one competing with the other for your attention, for Pride of Place on your Dining Table!


Non Veg Category

Daily Delight brings you over 30 popular Non Vegetarian dishes of India. Some of the exquisite dishes we bring you under this category were once the sole prerogative of Sultans & Emperors! We now bring them to your Table!


Non Veg Combination Platter Category

Daily Delight brings you 15 delicious, authentic, popular Non Vegetarian Combination Platters, from the subcontinent. You will find exquisite Mutton, Chicken, Meat and Seafood dishes, along with Basmati Rice and Chapati, in this listing.


Veg Combination Platter Category

Daily Delight brings you some of the most popular Vegetarian Combination Platters from the subcontinent. We ensure that the taste is authentic and our packs fresh. Included are delicious universal favourites like Poori Masala, Dosa, Idli, Vada, etc.


Fresh Frozen Vegetables Category

Daily Delight brings you over 30 varieties of Vegetables anytime of the year. Specially grown, packed fresh & frozen and delivered fresh to you! Specially grown and delivered fresh to you! Now make your favourite vegetable dish at home, anytime of the year!

Flour Items Category

Daily Delight brings you the full set of about 20 commonly-used Flours, covering all your favourite food preparations. Flours are central to great cooking. Give your Flour-based dishes a new, delicious taste with our Products!