Where to shop for our Products in the US?

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Where to shop for our Products in the US?

All Indian Stores carry our Products across the United States. Not all our Brands or Products may be available at a particular Store and at a particular time, though.

If you are looking for a particular Product/ Brand of ours, do ask the Store Keeper for the Product and/ or Brand by name. In our experience, Store Keepers are only too happy to assist you!

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  1. Siji says:


    I live in New Jersey, US. I have been buying a lot of frozen Daily Delight products. One of my favorites is Varuthara Gravy mix. However I noticed that the Indian stores from where I usually buy are not carrying these frozen packs since the past couple of months? Is there a specific reason? I visited the Patidhar store, Patels and Sabzi Mandi, all located in Route 130, East Windsor, NJ.

    Please let me know
    Best regards,

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